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Palliative care consult

What can the Pasco Palliative Care Consultation Team do for you?

• Provide assessment by an experienced palliative care team with a board-certified physician
• Provide quality-of-life improvements
• Provide support in decision-making and guidance to patients, physicians, nurses and family caregivers concerning treatment options, care planning and placement issues
• Provide expertise in pain and symptom management
• Offer emotional and spiritual support to patients and families
• Consult with caregivers, medical and nursing staff on how to talk about palliative care with patients and families
• Provide individualized care and resources for coping with denial, depression, loss and grief
• Identify program eligibility and coordinate services for home care and equipment, Hospice, Medicaid, Medicare, VA benefits and other community resources

How does the team work?

• Consultation with patients by phone call, visit or per the request(s) of other professional providers
• Assists in the development of a care plan with patients’ own physicians

Taking the Next Step

Step 1:
Anyone can request a consultation. We start by conferring with your physician in order to determine if a palliative care consultation is appropriate.

Step 2:
If a palliative care consultation is right for you, our physician or nurse will visit you, assess your physical needs and provide emotional support.

Step 3:
We then make recommendations to the referring physician for enhancing your care and will provide follow-up. We keep your physician and other health care providers well-informed about the consultation, as well as any follow-up visits.

What is palliative care
What is it?
Why consider it?
When is the right time?
Palliative care consult

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What is Palliative Care?
   What is it?
   Why consider it?
   When is the right time?
   Palliative care consult

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